With Deepest Respect

October 20, 2015


With heavy hearts and deepest respect, MB Contractors remembers one of our most valued and honored employees, Paul Joseph Willette.  He lists his dates of service as a US Marine from 1975 until 1983.  As one of MB’s most respected superintendents, he will be greatly missed.


Paul’s eulogy (offered by his family, used with permission) included the following remembrances:  Paul was one in a million, a very special man.  He was kind, loving, with a great sense of humor.  He was a father, a husband, a brother, and a friend to everyone who knew him.  A leader in many aspects of life, leading by example, whether it be how he treated others, his desire to help, or in the work he did.  He worked his entire life to provide everything he could for his family and no matter how many hours he put in at the job site he was always there for his children and others, no matter how small the issue.  He was extremely generous with his time, knowledge, and anything else he could give.  He loved to surprise people and always tried to get everyone everything they ever wanted and then some.  He was very giving with his time and always made time to lend a helping hand.  Paul was very family oriented.  He loved having his family together and close and arranging family get togethers.  No one was ever made to feel unwelcome in the home.

Paul devoted many hours to his job.  He put in countless hours until the job was done.  He enjoyed his work and took great pride in it. It was his goal that every job be done correctly and in a timely manner.  He could do anything and build anything.  On top of working a full time job, he made a side job of fixing his kids vehicles and keeping them running safely.  Everyone who came to the house would end up having their vehicle worked on whether they knew they needed it or not.  He was a very giving man. One of his greatest pleasures in life was giving to others whether it was material gifts or simply gifts of his time.  No one who visited him ever left empty handed.  If you couldn’t find something you wanted, he found something you needed.  He was always a great caregiver, looking out for and caring for the sick and those in need.

Paul was a very happy person that enjoyed life and did everything he could to make sure that everyone else did too. There will never be enough time or words to define the person Paul Willette was to the people in his life.  He is loved more than words can describe.  He will always be a huge part of our lives and will be missed greatly.  He will always be with us and continue to be in our hearts and lives. 


Reverend Geary Jonas read from the 121 Psalm at Thursday’s funeral service, reminding the many attendees that “the Lord blessed others through Paul.”  Rev. Jonas comforted the family, reminding them that Paul clearly told us “he was ready to go” after a recent diagnosis of terminal liver cancer.


MB fellow employees remember Paul as one of our most jovial, reliable and knowledgeable co-workers, always quick to step up and help, always ready to lead.  He accepted nothing but the highest quality work for his projects.  It was said more than once that Paul was one of the last truly loyal, hardworking company men around.






Our Facebook page  has additional pictures of Paul.  His obituary can be read here.   We at MB are honored to have known Paul, grateful to have benefited from his hard work and loyalty, and will miss him for many months to come.

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