Preconstruction Services

MB Contractors offers a complete range of expert preconstruction services to clients throughout Virginia. We are pleased to become involved with our clients’ building projects as early in the process as possible during preconstruction to promote the careful coordination of all logistical considerations and timelines. Our goal, from the onset of our projects, is to ensure all preconstruction functions are performed properly with an emphasis on clear communication, collaboration, effective scheduling, careful budgeting, problem solving, and on-time delivery.

Preconstruction is also the perfect time to begin planning for sustainable design, construction, and building operations. Our staff is capable of performing detailed LEED analyses and generating plans for streamlined commissioning and certification, as requested by the client.


Budgetary and Value Engineering Expertise

A crucial area of focus for our team during the preconstruction phase—and throughout the process—is to provide the clearest budgets and the fairest pricing possible for clients. We take pride in making sure there are no budgetary surprises for our clients, laying out our quotes as accurately and as comprehensively as possible from the beginning. Through expert value engineering, we also work to identify areas of potential cost savings while maintaining our high standards for quality. The result is that we are able to deliver most proactive, accurate, and transparent budgeting possible for our clients from the onset of our projects.

Our Trusted Subcontractors

At MB Contractors, we begin during the preconstruction phase to identify, prequalify, and select the most experienced and capable subcontractors available in our region. Our company’s longstanding reputation has helped us build a network of proven subcontractors, each of which we trust to be reliable in completing tasks on time and within budget. We only work with subcontractors who share our high standards for quality and performance, helping us deliver the best results consistently across each aspect of our projects. Matching the perfect subcontractors with each discrete project function during preconstruction is a key aspect of our approach to ensuring success.

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