Construction Management at Risk

MB Contractors is an experienced construction management company delivering proven construction management services to clients throughout Virginia and North Carolina. We are proud to be considered among the top construction management firms in our region due to our expertise, planning capabilities, and collaborative approach to overseeing construction projects. With MB Contractors as your trusted construction manager, your construction project will be delivered accurately, reliably, on time, within budget, and to the highest levels of quality.

Construction management (CM) at risk is an increasingly-popular method among our clients, especially with larger, more complex construction and renovation projects. In CM at risk projects, we work as the construction manager within a “guaranteed maximum price” (GMP) for the project. Taking full financial responsibility for cost overruns helps ensure we stay carefully aligned with the client’s goals and the objectives of the project.


Communication and Collaboration

As a construction management company, the team at MB Contractors stands out in our ability to foster a collaborative attitude among all project stakeholders. Throughout the planning and construction processes, we provide frequent, clear, and concise communication to ensure proactive problem solving and strict adherence to all scheduling and strategic plans. We believe that promoting strong collaboration and open communication are key areas of focus for a premier construction management firm,


Seamless Control from Start to Finish

Successful construction management services require a strong dedication to achieving the client’s goals and upholding the project’s specifications. We strive to maintain careful control of every aspect of operations, from preconstruction planning, to subcontractor selection and qualification, construction management, LEED commissioning, closeout, and beyond. With MB Construction handling your construction management needs, you gain peace of mind in knowing that all aspects of your construction project will be overseen and controlled with dedication, professionalism, and unmatched attention to detail.

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