MB Contractors’ Core Values

In over a century of operations, MB Contractors has always stayed true to our core values, and we believe this approach to doing business has helped us to build a sterling reputation in our local region and across the state. We work to uphold an unmatched commitment to delivering quality results on time through an adherence to the values of excellence, integrity, accountability, sustainability, and community every day, across all of our operations. Read below for more information about our company’s core values.



Each member of our team, from top to bottom, shares a commitment to excellence that is truly unparalleled in our industry. This dedication to delivering the best quality work on time and within budget touches every aspect of our operations, both in the office and on the job site. Our goal is to maintain our position as the premier firm in our region by collaborating closely with all project stakeholders, being proactive, striving for innovation, staying flexible, and never compromising on our accuracy and workmanship.


When you work with MB Contractors, you never get excuses. Our team members each take personal responsibility for our performance as individuals and as a company. We work to deliver on all of our promises, and we hold ourselves accountable in the event of an issue. The goal is simply to get things right, even with the most challenging and complex projects. Our valued clients know they can count on us to take ownership of our projects and step up immediately to address challenges proactively, not reactively.



At MB Contractors, we are proud to connect with all of the communities we serve. It starts with constructing quality buildings that truly add value and visual appeal to their local communities and improve peoples’ lives. We take it much farther by being very active in supporting and participating in local charitable organizations, nonprofits, advocacy groups, and others. Our community efforts regularly include blood drives, food drives, youth sports, mentoring programs, greenway projects, and much more. Please visit our blog to learn more about MB Contractors’s extensive community involvement.


Everyone on the MB Contractors team recognizes that we must consider the local, regional, and global environments with everything we do. That’s why, as a company, we’re dedicated to sustainability in all facets of our operations. From reducing our own resource and energy consumption at our offices to working with sustainable materials and building practices in the field, we are proud to be on the leading edge of environmental stewardship among our industry. This commitment will only continue to become more important over time, as global sustainability efforts are ever-expanding.



Integrity is fundamental to every piece of our operations, both on and off the job site. We instill the value of integrity at all levels of our company, from field crews all the way up to senior management. Not only do we treat all of our clients with reliability, accessibility, and openness, but we approach our subcontractor and vendor relationships with the same care. By demonstrating our company-wide integrity to everyone involved in our projects, we have become well known for our approach to construction. This leadership has helped us build our outstanding reputation in the local and regional industry.

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