Novozymes Utility Upgrade

  • Location: Salem, Virginia
  • Architect: NNE Pharmaplan
  • Owner: Novozymes Biologicals
  • Size: 900 SF Addition

The Novozymes Biologicals project consisted of the demolition of existing chiller and cooling tower facilities, upgrades to process utilities, and the construction of a new 900 SF chiller building.

Upgrades included the addition of a new 250 HP air compressor, 1150 GMP water cooling tower, 325 ton water cooled chiller, 158 ton air cooled chiller, three 50 HP process pump skids, and associated air and process piping. Interior work consisted of new framing for upgraded mechanical piping. Due to the construction site having a very limited working area, a temporary chiller/cooling tower was utilized to keep the plant in operation. Specialty equipment included new 1200A and 800A electrical services and transformers, process controls, a refrigerant monitoring system, and oxygen/CO2 sensors.

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