McBryde Hall, Virginia Tech

  • Location: Blacksburg, Virginia
  • Architect: Westlake Reed Leskowsky
  • Owner: Virginia Tech Sterrett Facilities Complex
  • Size: 8,209 SF

McBryde Hall 100 at Virginia Tech is the largest classroom assembly area on campus with
541 seats and is utilized for mixed-use classroom/auditorium purposes. University staff
followed closely to ensure upgrades were delivered on time. The work began the day after
classes finished in May of 2015 and was completed ahead of schedule, ten weeks later.
As the Dean of Students commented, “If this project hadn’t been completed on time, there
was a real chance some students wouldn’t graduate.”
The 8,209 square foot project included a new raked concrete floor slab with ADA
accessible slopes and floor finishes, wood ceiling clouds, wood wall finishes, and lighting.
Mechanical upgrades included all new air distribution ductwork and devices, along with
supplemental equipment for the existing control room. Electrical upgrades included new
light fixtures for the entire space, new fire alarm devices, and new electrical power for
various needs throughout the facility. Audiovisual upgrades were state-of-the-art utilizing a
new oversized GWB projection screen, including folding tablet seating with internal power
and communication ports for each occupant.

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