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March 19, 2014

Todd-WEB Bob-WEBjpgMB President Todd Morgan and Vice President of Operations Bob Yost participated in a video discussing the real and present need for skilled trade training in Roanoke.  Skilled tradesmen are harder and harder to find, and construction isn’t the only area impacted by a lack of training.  The IT technicians, welders, advanced manufacturers and electrical service workers are in great demand, with little opportunity for training. That, coupled with a societal push to attend a four year college no matter what, creates a precarious blend of inertia within a workforce where jobs are available, but people with the skills they require are not.  Here is the link to the video.


The video was created as part of the Leadership Roanoke Valley Education Team Program for 2014.  Click here for more about the events of the March 19th Program, or here for more about LRV itself.

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