Touch-A-Truck 2014

July 27, 2014

So long, rainy memories of Touch-A- Truck 2013,

you have just been replaced!


The stage is set and the curtains are ready to be 2014-07-26 12.01.19drawn.  There are towering crane trucks, moving trucks, fire and rescue squad vehicles, armored vehicles, a monster truck, food vendors, 18 wheelers, old military rigs, a fire expansion foam pit, and even a miniature horse.  But there was one uncertainty; the forecast had been showing about a 20 percent chance of rain since Wednesday.  The one factor that could almost certainly nose-down the rain or shine event.

But as Saturday approacheIMG_20140726_114336_207d and the morning sun was rising, the visitors were practically waiting at the front gates and the clouds seemed to run and hide behind the mountains, only to occasionally step outside and smell the bacon truck!

Green Hill Park was packed from its opening at 10 A.M2014-07-26 12.12.39. until its close at 3 P.M.  The crowd even withstood times when the wind died down and the blistering heat made its presence known.  To the sound of horns and sirens blaring, there were children playing in the fire foam pit, being launched down the steel cable and pulley zip line, and sharing snow cones in between exhibits.  Some lucky kids even took home “Danger Do Not Enter” caution tape, from yours truly, MB Contractors!


From everyone here at MB Contractors, we would like to thank you for coming out and letting us be apart of your Saturday, and be sure to head on over to our Facebook page to see pictures of the children in the skid steer!

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