Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

July 21, 2015

MB Contractors wants to thank everyone who has helped to bring the McBryde Hall upgrades this close to success this quickly.  We hope everyone who attended today’s luncheon enjoyed the chicken, mashed potatoes, sweet tea and dessert served on site directly prior to our weekly site meeting, as our way of saying “Great Job, and Keep Up the Great Work!”  The weekly progression pictures posted below were also posted at the event. Those in attendance today saw slab poured and electrical work being tweaked.

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Vice President of Operations Bob Yost made a few statements about the work that remains on the McBryde upgrades, answered questions from VT staff and made sure the subcontractors are aware of how very grateful we are to them!   We wouldn’t have gotten this far without you, guys!  Thanks again, everyone—especially MB Contractor’s Superintendent Cracker Jenkins—for getting us this close.  Not much further now!

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