Questions You Should Ask Your Contractor: “How Do You Keep Jobs On Track?”

February 18, 2015

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When asked how he makes sure a job will stay on track,

Superintendent Cracker Jenkins said:

“I am constantly coordinating with subcontractors.  I’m checking submittals, layouts, material arrival dates, and work completion timeframes.  I’m always looking one or two weeks out so I am fully aware of what needs to be completed, and to make sure my timeframes are right. I make sure I know when materials will be arriving.  I’ll call the manufacturer directly to make sure I have correct arrival dates.  Every subcontractor depends on every other subcontractors t  reach completion of their respective work at a specific time. If material or slow labor interrupts that completion schedule, my whole job will fall behind.  I have to watch material and labor, day in and day out, and coordinate to get results.  Of course, I do all this while keeping the site safe and keeping the owner comprised of how the job is progressing.  I’ll arrive as early or stay as late as I need to and I’ll work whatever days are required to keep the job on track.  I have for the last 35 years, why change now?”


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