Questions for your contractor: “Can you get my project in on time?”

July 21, 2014

Vice President of Operations, Bob Yost, has this to say about getting projects in on time:

“MB Contractors has repeatedlyBob-WEBjpg brought its projects in on time. We do this by developing an understanding of the Owner’s program; becoming intimately involved in the preconstruction phase; securing and confirming pricing from subcontractors and vendors who can not only perform but also meet the project’s needs and who are financially able as well; we also prepare a realistic project CPM schedule; identify long lead material/equipment early; ensure all materials/equipment are timely contracted; we conduct an internal review of submittals and shop drawings; we monitor the CPM monthly as a whole and utilize look-ahead schedules throughout construction; and most importantly, we diligently communicate with the Owner, Architect, Building Officials, Subcontractors and Vendors in a timely manner for issues needing resolution and for potential issues that may arise in the future.

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