Questions for your contractor: “What do I need to know about the depth of your experience?”

October 22, 2014

Scott Williams, General Superintendent and Safety Manager, says:

LinkedIn Banner- Scott“My 30 plus years of hands on experience is the source of confidence and competence that drives every job I show up on.  As MB Contractors’ General Superintendent and Safety Manager, I inspect all our sites for Safety.  I am responsible for our reputation, as well.  When I show up, I walk the job.  I spend very little time in the trailer.  I have always worked this way. The more chances I have to get familiar with the job, the more chances there are to use common sense to get job done.

Here’s an example:  We had to get an addition built in the middle of one of the snowiest winters ever.  I noticed that the snow was easy enough to move that year, and the site was mostly flat.  So I took two bobcats, attached a giant roll of plastic between them and unrolled the plastic over the site each evening.  The next morning, we pushed the snow, rolled the plastic back and had a dry site to work on. This is a common sense approach that is out-of-the-box and efficient, and one that you can only think of if you know ALL the elements of your job.

So what you really need to know about the depth of my experience is that I have tons of it, AND I have the common sense and confidence to use it.”

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