Questions For Your Contractor: “What are the most important elements of a properly delivered project?”

September 08, 2014

Sterling Smith, Project Engineer, has this to say when asked about the most important aspects of a project:


Facebook Banner- SterlingWhen coordinating subcontractors, making sure any uncertainties or unforeseen obstacles are addressed within a clearly specified timeframe is critical.  I contact the owner of the subcontracting firm, or the subcontractor’s foreman and discuss a timeframe to get the issue resolved, question answered or obstacle addressed.  THEN I STAY ON TOP OF THEM until it’s right.”

“One of my pet peeves is to wait until its punchlist time to bring a job up to top quality standards.  Any and all finishes should be top quality from the moment work on a finish starts.  To wait until the end is too much, especially on a large job.  Make sure the job is quality as the work is going on, BEFORE punchlist time.  Then the punchlist will be easily completed, and the job will be delivered without unnecessary stress at the end.”

“I am always an extra set of eyes on everything that’s going on.  The super, the project manager, the architect, the subcontractors are all counting on every player in the game to catch an inconsistency or clarify something that isn’t immediately obvious, or bring a detail into the open that needs attention but has been overlooked thus far.  I am CONSISTENTLY one of those players. Yes, I am taking care of submittals, making sure material is arriving on time, and staying in touch with subs about everything.  But I am still looking out for anything that can put a hitch in our timeframe and costs.”

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