Questions for Your Contractor: “How do you watch out for the customer from the start?”

September 02, 2014

Euell Moran, Senior Estimator,  has this to say about how he

watches out for customers from the very beginning:

“It’s common knowledge that not every general contractor LinkedIn Banner- Euellis right for every job.  The same goes for subcontractors. Not every subcontractor is right for every job. I watch closely for items listed in the scope of a job, in addition to the final number he offers, for things that might be unnecessary.  I also watch for essential things that might be left out.  I am the one familiar with the customer’s intended scope of a project, and with what respective subcontractors are capable of.  I bring them together in a way that benefits the customer, the subcontractor and my company.”

“I also have to be aware that once a job transitions to another department within MB Contractors, subcontractors might not make good on the contract they’ve submitted.  This can leave our project manager—as well as the entire project—in a serious bind.  In this instance, I help the project manager find a subcontractor that will work, since I am more familiar with the overall scope at that point and with which subcontractors have and have not already shown interest in the project.”
“We recently found a subcontractor to replace the original subcontractor planned on a project that unexpectedly left.  The architect needed a color schedule for product selection, not only did this replacement subcontractor have the color schedule the architect required, they were willing to help get the color selection for the owner before a subcontract was issued.  Its connections like this that help solve problems we wouldn’t be able to solve if we weren’t current and relevant in the business.”

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