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March 01, 2016

They prefer to call each other Pahd-nahs, and their deep level of comradery shows up everywhere!  MB Contractors, Cornerstone Hospitality Management, and Architectural Partners first worked together a few years back, and discovered an unusual thing…that all three entities LOVED working together.  Not just liked…L.O.V.E.D!  They wanted to keep the good vibes rolling.  So they formed a collaborative entity, Creative Boutique Hotels , and got busy!  Hal Craddock searched the world over—ok, he searched in Virginia mostly—and found a multitude of glorious historic buildings that had seen better days.

Enter Todd Morgan, whose favorite thing happens to be RESTORING HISTORIC BUILDINGS!!! Here’s where it gets fun for all of us: What do you do with a gloriously restored historic building?  Why, you invite folks to come spend the night (‘cause the dilapidated is a stunning hotel now), and learn the story of the building, and share in local history and tourism of the town around the building.  And this is where Kimberly Christner rounds the picture out nicely, bringing her extensive expertise as an hotelier and formidable hospitality expert.  For an example of their partnership efforts in a perfected state, go to the Craddock Terry Hotel in Lynchburg, Virginia (which happened to win an amazing award for its success from the City!)

Fast Forward to the most recent developments for these collaborators: St. Paul, Virginia welcomed the idea of bringing one of its favorite buildings back to life.  The plan developed by Creative Boutique Hotels for St. Paul’s Willis Dye Building will receive the first ever Virginia Tourism Growth Fund distribution!

Congratulations to these productive partners!  We look forward to beautiful things from you and your companies (hey—THAT’S US HERE AT MB!!!) in the future.


Todd 4x5Hall CKimberly C


Todd Morgan                         Hal Craddock                       Kimberly Christner



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