President Todd Morgan Interviewed on Teamwork

May 15, 2013

Todd being interviewed by SamMay 2013

President Todd Morgan was recently interviewed by both Valley Business Front Magazine, and Sam Steidle, director of the Business Lounge in Downtown Roanoke. When asked about his idea of a team, he gave the following input:

1)      Be very aware that your team will most likely change.  Be proactive about your changing team instead of reactive, starting with the understanding that not everyone will “catch the vision” (or even want to “catch the vision”).  Find team players with experience in the area you are trying to grow. This will help you avoid being reactive, and sinking energy into, an inherently stagnant team.

2)      Make sure your team not only understands where you are going, but also what their unique role is in getting the company there.  If they “catch the vision” and understand how they impact making that vision reality, everyone wins.  In other words, clearly define roles and responsibilities.

3)      Make sure customers know who you are and what you’re capable of.  They likely already have caught SOME of your vision—that’s why they hired you!—make sure they see the entire picture.  This is key for repeat and add-on business, not to mention referrals.

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