Nothing puts a smile on your face like a Heavy Hammer!

June 10, 2015

LinkedIn Heavy Hammers-01

MB Contractors’ President, Todd Morgan, with Project Manager and Coach, Stewart Bradley.


Alayna Bradley loves her Heavy Hammers T-ball team!  It might be because she loves to play the game.  It might be because she’s really good at T-ball. Or it might be because her father, MB Contractors Project Manager Stewart Bradley, coached the team, teaching them not only how to play T-ball, but how to chant “HEEEAAVVVY HAAAAMMMMMERS!” with a true heart of teamwork.  It also might be because MB Contractors President Todd Morgan was thrilled to sponsor the team, since he and MB co-owners Mike Cagle strive to support families in every way they can.  The Heavy Hammers T-Ball Team is one small example!

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