MB’s New “Water Cooler”

March 09, 2016


Mar 4Where is your office ‘water cooler’? Think about it…not just the location of the cylinder that holds that refreshing beverage we treasure so very much, but the place where folks from various departments randomly intersect and, suddenly, magically, discussions and collusions erupt!  Do you have such a place in your office?

MB President, Todd Morgan wanted more places like that for his company, and he wanted honest conversation therein.  So he blessed us with “The Inspiration Board!”  Intentionally positioned in our office in a space where we’ll pass many times a day, each employee has been assigned a week during which they will “Please write a quote or inspiration on Monday morning.  Feel free to leave it for the week, add a new one each day, or at any time during the week. Please give the appropriate person credit for the quote, and if it’s your own, give yourself credit!  Have fun with it!” (per Todd’s email announcing the new addition to company culture.)

Thinking it thru 6

The bosses disagree on the answer…98 or 99?

The effect was instantaneous!  Interesting perspectives, cute comments, and LOTS OF PERSONALITY suddenly appeared in our open office bay as folks stopped to read the new board and consider the day’s quote.

To peruse the quotes posted thus far, go to our LinkedIn page and scroll through the last few days of posts.  To see pics of the entire office reacting to the puzzle pictured above, go to our Facebook page.  To receive these quotes and follow along with the chatter, follow us on Twitter. Our first tweet went out today!

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