MB Family Has Great Fun at Touch a Truck!!

July 30, 2013

Curtis & Touch a Truck Certificate Michael Depp's wife and daughter at Touch a Truck IMG_20130727_101123 IMG_20130727_104403July 27, 2013 Roanoke County hosts largest Touch a Truck event in the country

The rain didn’t stop us!  Tons of kids and their moms and dads joined us and at least 199 other vendors (200 participants made this Touch-a-Truck the largest in US history) for a hands-on experience with heavy machinery.  Lights flashed, sirens blared, foam sprayed (yes, really, the fire trucks filled their dump tanks and invited kids into a foambath like you’ve never seen before!) and many oooohs and ahhhs were heard as trucks from around the state displayed their might and awe for kids of all ages. 

Wendy Schultz, Roanoke County event coordinator, cheered everyone on as we braved the rain for the throng of children curious about equipment.  MB brought other site paraphernalia for the kids to handle.  They pulled out the grade stick (a giant yard stick for measuring sidewalk grade), stacked the skid steer scrub brush (the attachments sections for the skid steer to scrub lots and concrete slabs), and checked out the shingle shovel (‘it’s not heavy until you chuck several thousand scoops with it!”).  They got to take home sections of caution tape, after an explanation of why caution tape at a construction site should NEVER be ignored.

Overall, it was a great time!  Thanks, Roanoke County and Wendy Schultz, for your super hard, super productive work! 

See Sights and Sounds clip from that day

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