Great Growing Greenways!

February 02, 2015

If you are like a multitude 0130151312of the population of Roanoke, the Greenways are a joy to you and your family!  MB Contractors is proud to have this latest addition to the Greenways as not only one of our top tier projects, but also as an addition to the landscape of our office!


Click HERE for an Interactive Greenway Map, highlighting all the trails in and planned for Roanoke.  Click HERE for a detailed overview of the Greenway Trails.  Click HERE the latest report on the Greenways in the Roanoke Times.0130151301c


The weather is slowly getting warmer!  We will have this portion of the Greenway ready for your family to enjoy very, very soon!  Thank you once again, City of Roanoke, for the opportunity to create special places for communities to happen for Roanoke residents.




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