Gallop 4 the Greenways 5K

May 10, 2014

On Your Mark, Get Set!  Gallop!

The kids race kicked off the evening as the first event.

The kids race kicked off the evening as the first event!


Saturday, May 10th marked another successful year of strong, dedicated support  for Roanoke’s public trails and bike paths.  Thanks to the support of all who donated their time and resources, the chance to combine Roanoke’s natural beauty with outdoor exercise has been prolonged with this contagious family event.

In the early morning hours, event staff were met with scattered rain, mild to high winds, and a cloudy sky.  The weather stayed overcast all day but provided a cooling yet slightly humid atmosphere for the runners, which seemed to sit OK with them!

As you made your way to the starting line, pre-race rituals were the first to be noticed.  With a gloomy sky above and fresh rain still in the grass, the scenery looked like a company of veteran soldiers at dawn about to take the field, taking proud group photos, spreading encouraging past race experiences, and thoughtful compliments.  Slowly, silence was making its way toward nearly 50 children standing on the starting line with wide eyes and subtle smirks of excitement, shifting looks from the starter, then back to the road.  The race area grews quiet for the first time…


The gun sounds and The Gallop begins!

The gun sounds and The Gallop begins!


The next gun to go off was for the adult race, followed by a collective sigh of relief that would kick off an evening of food, drink, children’s games, and rockin’ music until almost 9:30 P.M.  To everyone, again, who helped and donated their money and time to this event, the future is already sending it’s “Thank You” and will hope to see everyone again next year!






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