Crozet Library Crew Gets a Surprise!!

August 16, 2013

Birthday Project picAugust 16, 2013

MB Contractors, Inc. site staff were greeted with unexpected treats during their lunch hour.  A UVA student wanted to participate in “The Birthday Project” on her 20th birthday.  She and a group of UVA cohorts called ahead to ask if the crew at the Crozet Library would like some cupcakes and Gatorade during their break.  “Yes, of course!” said Superintendent Junebug Reed (pictured left).  “They’re construction workers,” said Project Manager Stewart Bradley.  “They’ll eat anything!!!”

After delivering several batches of cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing, vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese icing, vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing, and, of course, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing for the sensible people in the world), Junebug offered gift givers a tour of the almost complete library.  “This is only ten minutes from campus! And its beautiful!”  they exclaimed.  “We will definitely be coming here to study!”  Crew members were quick to point out that they could no longer sit in the TEEN section…Thank you UVA Birthday Project Participants!

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