Accolades from the Governor

October 19, 2015

Governor Terry McAuliffe and Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Todd Haymore visited one of MB’s projects today to celebrate its Grand Opening.  Seven Hills Food Company had the honor of hosting the dignitaries after many weeks of renovation and upgrades to the old Dinner Bell facility.  Seven Hills Food company intends to strengthen not only the state and local economies, but the locally sourced food movement as well.  Seven Hills slogan is “Forging a link between what we see out our windows and what we put on our plates”


Owner Ryan Ford made it his mission to “Revitalize a venerable Lynchburg meat processing plant with state-of-the-art technology.  Seven Hills Abattoir provides processing services on a scale large enough to make locally raised meats more accessible and competitive.”   Ryan also understands that buildings like his facility are a rarity for they are often converted for other industry, into lofts, or even torn down. Seven Hills Food Company sought to “protect the heritage and integrity of the building while updating it’s physical infrastructure and implementing modern meat-processing technology. We believe these updates will allow future generations to continue looking back on the plant as a strong part of Virginia’s agricultural and economic heritage.”  MB Contractors is honored to have served Seven Hills Food as they strive toward their goals, both in Lynchburg and across the state. Congratulations, Ryan!



Governor with Todd, MIke and Ken

From left to right: – The Honorable Todd Haymore, Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry – Todd Morgan, President, MB Contractors – The Honorable Terence McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia – Michael Cagle, Executive Vice President, MB Contractors – Ken Graham, Project Manager, MB Contractors

Govn McAuliffe

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