Micropiles…who knew?!?

July 02, 2014

starting micopiles    Project Engineer Gary Barker has this to say about what is going on in this picture: “Micropiles are one type of deep foundation system.  There are many reasons to use deep foundations.  In vertical construction applications, they are typically used for large structure or poor soil conditions.  In our case, the micropiles are being used to help offset the low bearing capacities of the soil.  Our application consists of numerous bored micropiles, many of them having a steel casing to prevent unstable soil from caving into the excavated hole.  Once the casing is set the drilling rig advances further into bedrock.  The auger is then retracted and a threaded rod is inserted and backfilled with an engineered grout.  Once all of the micropiles are installed, they will be tied into the foundation using a combination of pile caps and grade  beams.”   Micropiles…who knew?!?

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